Ancient Methods

In the intricate labyrinth of techno, 2007 marks the rise of Ancient Methods. Deeply rooted in the legendary halls of Tresor, this project transcends mere sound. It unfolds as a story told through "pitch black techno war funk". His discography is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion. From the meticulously crafted EPs under Persephonic Sirens to the evocative sounds of The Loud Age, each record is a chapter in a story that spans over a decade. The collaborations, too, are not just musical connections, but bridges between dierent sonic worlds. With artists such as Regis, Orphx and Cindytalk, Ancient Methods weaves a tapestry where every thread has meaning. The emblem of the project, the fall of Jericho, is more than a symbol. It represents the Ancient Methods ethos of breaking down barriers and making connections. This philosophy is evident in the remixes, where post-punk rhythms dance with synth-pop melodies and industrial beats embrace the ethereal waves. From Yello to Deutsch Nepal, from Wishmountain to Denna Abdelwahed and Die Wilde Jagd, the remixes are a journey through genres, from post-punk to industrial, from darkwave to experimental, celebrating the vast spectrum of musical diversity. Beyond the records, collaborations and remixes, Ancient Methods is a sonic journey in its own right. The precision in production, meticulous attention to detail, and constant innovation define each track. With residencies at venues such as Khidi Club and frequent performances at clubs such as Berghain and Razzmatazz, as well as appearances at festivals such as ADE, Atonal Berlin, Dekmantel, Maschinenfest and Monegros, Ancient Methods is not just an artist but a movement, a subtle force that touches the soul and leaves an indelible mark. In the vast landscape of techno, Ancient Methods exemplifies the power of restraint in both production and DJ sets, showing depth and refined elegance in every composition and performance.

Exclusive Territory : Italy