In the end of the 2000s, Rome was the matrix of Italian club culture. These two teenagers Gabriele Ruggiero and Corrado Viggiano, without pretensions and with a great desire to express themself, moved step by step into the Roman club scene, ignorating that their work would influence future generations of electronic music fans. In 2011 they created the party Resistance Is Techno, where they obtained a residency with the alias Suprvsion vs Animatek; this chance soon made them a familiar face in Rome most exclusive clubs. Here they have the opportunity to share the dj booth with the most influential artists of Techno music from all over the World, which gives them a unique experience. With "Resistance", their touring success in the best Roman clubs over the years, places them between the main architects of the growth of the underground techno/electronic scene in Rome and Italy. In the following years, they began to feel the desire to give life to their musical concept, unitary and personal. So in 2014, the brand new project Asymptote was out, characterized by a RetroFuturistic sound on one hand, taking inspiration from the Detroit sounds of the early 90s and on the other side from the more contemporary and darker electronic styles. In the same year their label Suburban Avenue, which they manage the artistic direction, was born, giving them the possibility to reinforce their work also over an international level. During this period they began to be devote themselves especially to production; this experience led them to release their first EP "Behind The Scene" on “Suburban Avenue” in 2016. This record is a quite success, that’s why it waslater remixed by artists like: Psyk, Reeko, Tripeo and 3KZ. In 2017, with the intent of finding new inspirations and ideas, they moved to Berlin, the world capital of club culture. In this place they got in touch with a lot of electronic musicians, which made them concretely expand their interpretation of music. This circumstance led them to perform at the legendary Tresor Club, Suicide Circus and others. In this period on Suburban Avenue, they early curated the compilation "The Resistance Vol.1", then in the first months of 2018 released the EP "Belief System" in collaboration with Oscar Mulero for one remix. Towards the spring of 2018, having reached the conscience to be mature as artists and have earned a great wealth of experience, they decided that was the right time to come back to Italy, to their home base in Rome. This choice leads them to be present more and more in the biggest Italian clubs and festivals line-ups and festivals, as well as attracting the attention of the media industry. At this point, their energy is so huge that they came out with three more works: a single EP "Too Blind To See", "Inlandsis" a split record with Zadig and a third release "Sublunar" in collaboration with Z.I.P.P.O in which they touch sounds unexplored before. In 2019, they took part in the realization of “Transition Festival” Event, where they were resident djs. Then, they performed one time in Barcelona and later in Malta for a Suburban Avenue showcase. This process of transition leads them to achieve a special artistic growth, as it’s possible to understand from a release as "Illusion of Control". Something has changed and you can feel it from the superlative attention given to them by a lot of artists, as well as, it increased the number of requests to perform in Italy and Europe before the beginning of Covid-19. During the pandemic, their main thought was to use music to do the best for the people and to act for a social purpose. From here the creation of 'The Italian Resistance', a charity compilation in favor of the Italian Red Cross, in which the most appreciated underground Italian artists of the electronic music movement worked together. Contemporary to this moment they were swept away by a new phase of production that brought under the lights two releases: "Liquid Love" in December 2020 and "Acid Pulse" in April 2021, by which they launched their message of hope in these terrible times. When the Italian clubs reopened the doors, in October 2021, the work that they did during the period of forced stop led them to resume their path with the same intensity like was in the pandemic. Their performance at the Boiler Room aftershow in Zurich it’s a proof of that. In the future, they plan to work on their most hidden artistic side as well as on other edits.

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