Black Lotus

After naturally colliding with a wide spectrum of arts, Berlin-born ‘Black Lotus’ acquires a creative background counting art direction, visual and performing arts, design, electrical engineering, painting and photography. Fascinated by science and technology, she submerges herself into the voids of music since 2011: From striving for its design & production, organising raves at abandoned orchards in Germany — and later collective parties at Griessmuehle Berlin — to launching her own vinyl record label in 2019, right through to her recent DJ schedule that saw her play across forward- thinking venues like ://about blank, B-018, Dieze Warehouse, Echelon Festival, EXIT Serbia, Feel Festival, Festival Forte, GARE Porto, Goethebunker, Lehmann Club, Rakete, Suicide Circus to Utopía Madrid and beyond – Black Lotus` young history in techno is not fading. Her famous marathon closings, eg. for Dystopian at Zur Klappe Berlin, at MMA Munich for Richie Hawtin and at her DJ residencies at Griessmuehle and Golden Gate, also gained her many fans on home soil. Being a regular fixture at KitKat Club since 2017, she involves herself strongly in a realm that is pro-LGBQT, anti-fascist, anti-racist, spiritual and radically inclusive. Black Lotus` mad love for music is broad and deep, accumulating a record collection that spans from Ambient, abstract Dub, Experimental, Electronica, Hardcore, Minimal, Musique Concrète to oldschool classics and fast Tool Techno, she has a very distinct taste that again underlines her versatility. As a label member of Florian Meindl ́s techno imprint ‘FLASH Recordings’ she continuously releases her signature works since her 12-inch debut EP in late 2018. Her unique tracks resonate strongly within the crowds and got remixed by Dustin Zahn, Flug, Jeff Rushin and by FLASH label boss Florian Meindl himself. Her follow up EP “Aether” is played worldwide by artists like Charlotte de Witte, Dave Clarke, Dustin Zahn, Truncate, SLAM, SPFDJ and many more. Through her vinyl imprint ‘Luminal rec.’ she consistently publishes own works, using this playground for experimentation and radical evolution. Being introduced to the label in the near future, we will see artists like Flug, Ricardo Garduno & Temudo — just to name a few. Simultaneously she launches ’27’ — a complementary, experimental division — which is dedicated to the deep side of techno and focuses on promoting young up-and-coming talents. Beyond a few classes of classical training in piano and percussion, Black Lotus’ has never studied arts. As a natural autodidact, she intuitively gains knowledge and can translate and implement ideas in her very unique way. It ́s Black Lotus` innovative and special approach to sound, that makes her stand out. Bringing her Berlin signature — which is being described as “relentless, dirty, and hypnotic” — she’s seduced countless ravers all around the world. One can expect a magical journey curated through a variety of mind-altering sequences: Mind-trip techno with a stable formula at its best. This year’s booking for ADE, collaborations with Portuguese producer Temudo, German sound wizard Robert Henke, and more, will set another marks in her musical journey. .handmade berlin techno

Exclusive Territory : Italy