Candy Cox

CANDY COX is an icon on Hard Techno and Techno world. Carolina grew up listening to a wide and interesting genres and music styles, much influenced by Bossa Nova, Samba, Rock, Pop, Classical Music, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Heavy Metal, among others; but it was Dance and Electronic Music that made her heart beat faster. In the lates 90 ́s Candy heard Drum n ́bass, House and Techno for the first time, making her path to the nightclub culture, discotheques and raves. Early by the 00 ́s, Candy took over the turntables, always searching for new records and digital music that make her ears and mind spark. The beginning of her dj career started from underground clubs and parties in Brazil in her hometown Curitiba, and went fast to being booked to clubs and big parties in Sao Paulo, where she had a monthly residence at “A Loca Club” for some time, also hitting clubs in Rio de Janeiro and small cities as well. 2007 was the year when Candy started touring internationally around South America, coming along with frequent tours in Europe, playing in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, France, Poland, Scotland, Ireland among others. 2012 was when Candy decided to move to Barcelona, Spain. Being a dj is one thing; being a producer is another, and on 2015 Candy started her career as a producer, releasing at some big Hard Techno labels. Her music can be heard on labels such as “Hard Electronic” (US), “Concrete Berlin Records” (DE), “Move Records” (ES), and as No.Dolls on “Cause Records” (DE), “Mental Torments” (NL) or “Mad Made” (HU). Her productions travels around the variety of sounds and styles that Techno and all kinds of music has to oer, Candy likes to be really versatile when in the studio, bending to raw sounds and always doing a good job expressing all her influences that comes from all genres and styles based on her music culture and tastes, creating sounds with her own musical signature with a exquisite touch that goes from hard beats, acid textures, corpulent baselines, aggressive and sometimes not so aggressive synths and vocals. This unique and authentic artist has evolved within the years and developed a very particular and remarkable connection with the music followers (Techno Lovers), putting all her energy and passion together on her performances and her music

Exclusive Territory : Italy