Fall Shock

Fall Shock is an Italian electronic music project founded by ghost producer, drummer and singer Francesco Kay in 2018. Shortly after founding Fall Shock he met Death Metal guitarist Markus O. This collaboration concretizes a sound close to dark-synth wave. Through an ethos of production, the music of Fall Shock leads to a sound of urgency and moderation,carefully engaging both the listener and the dancer. Distressed and sensual voices,flickering synths, straight kiks and hypnotizing guitars, recall inner memories and distant atmospheres. This style of production culminates in the recording debut,which took place in September 2020. The album is called "Interior" and is released on the French label Manic Depression records. Gothic Bop and Goth Worldwide put “Interior” among the best albums of 2020 and the song ``Feels Eternal'' among the most listened to. In November 2021 Manic Depression Records released the vinyl version of “Interior” including remixes of Kontravoid and Black Asteroid. The new album by Fall Shock is almost ready and Francesco Kay described it as “piercing,poisonous and intoxicating”. Once again, the co-production and the mixing are entitled to Mr. Maurizio Baggio (Boy Harsher / The Soft Moon).

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