Gabber Eleganza

Gabber Eleganza started as a curated digital archive which quickly flourished into a multifaceted project with connections to art, fashion, music and culture. The aim of the project is to build up a bridge between the sonic landscape and aesthetic side of Hardcore and post-rave cultures and the contemporary culture through printed publications, music, installations and live performances. One of the most exciting DJs crossing rave genres eortlessly and with flair of technical skill and flawless natural ability. Also running his independent label Never Sleep has led to curating shows at the world famous Berghain and playing at the best clubs / festivals around the world. Combining this with highly sought after book 'Hardcore Soul' and collaborating with Turner prize winner Mark Leckey and world renowned photographer Ewen Spencer. He recently designed his own collection with Alexander McQueen and made bespoke music for Isabel Marant catwalks. A one of a kind artist that stands above the crowd with integrity and style.

Exclusive Territory : Italy