Hot X

HOT X (Tibor Horváth) was born in Sopron in 1972. He was already DJ-ing in the early 90’s, at the MIG15 club in Sopron, playing EBM and rock music back then, such as the Nine Inch Nails , Sisters of Mercy etc. In 1995, together with his brother Attila and friend Akos Kiss they took over the operation of MÍG 15 club. This was the first club in Western-Hungary where house and techno tracks were played. There are still legends circulating about those Wednesday and Saturday nights when the dance floor there was ruled by unparalleled atmosphere and full house. It seems nearly incredible, but these were the parties where the “cream” of Western-Hungary gathered, scandalizing all the neighbors and local police authorities, as the club was in the old town of Sopron, closed to all trac. It was a shocking and at the same time funny sight at dawn, to see all those cars had used one of Sopron’s ancient squares usually cut-o from trac as a parking lot, as the guests were not familiar with the local trac rules. The Club was closed after a short operation of 6 months.:). In 1996 HOT X with his partners (Attila Horváth, Ákos Kiss) established Deadcode Production, which company organized the first HYPERSPACE in Sopron on 16.03.1996. This day proved to be a historic date in the life of the Hungarian techno scene. Due to the great interest the event series moved to Budapest, to the now legendary building of PATEX. In 2000 the event series moved to PATEX2, and then from 2001 to COMPLEX events center. From 2004 the EVENTS HALL in Budapest the new became the home of HYPERSPACE which by then grew to be the biggest party series of Hungary. After a year’s break, from 2007, the legendary party series continues making history in one of Budapest’s most modern and greatest events hall, the SYMA arena. This event, through the years, lead by HOT X and DEADCODE developed to be the trend-defining party of the whole Hungarian techno life. From the beginnings, he is the owner of such Hungarian events as the aforementioned HYPERSPACE, or the BUDAPEST BÓNUSZ festival, the greatest electronic music event of Hungary, which was previously a cooperation event with SZIGET production but since 2008 it is owned 100% by DEADCODE, or HOT X ‘ club project called PLASTIC. Since the foundation of Deadcode Hot X is in charge of the artistic management, meaning it is mainly Him who decides on the guests of Hyperspace and the image of the event. Thanks to the promoter work of Hot X and Deadcode such determining figures of the techno scene have performed at the HYPERSPACES in front of the Hungarian crowds as RICHIE HAWTIN, SVEN VATH, DERRICK MAY, DJ HELL, DAVE CLARKE, THE ADVENT, ANTHONY ROTHER, LUKE SLATER, CHRIS LIEBING , MONIKA KRUSE, T.RAUMSCHMIERE, JOSH WINK, DJ RUSH, MARCO CAROLA, MISS KITTIN, TIGA, CRISTIAN VOGEL, JOHANNES HEIL, CLAUDE YOUNG, ADAM BEYER, etc. Parallel to his promoter work HOT X’ DJ career has also launched, since 1997 he is continuously getting requests to play at clubs and festivals all over Hungary and abroad (AUSTRIA, SLOVAKIA, YUGOSLAVIA, CROATIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, ROMANIA, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, JAPAN, ITALY). His popularity in Hungary is marked by the fact that he is still considered to be one of the most in-demand DJs of the country – that is one of the reasons why the Deadcode DJs (HOT X, IGOR DO’URDEN, COYOTE) performances always make full-house parties all over the country. The growth of the international attention is marked by the fact that in 2000 Hot X became the first and until then the only Hungarian DJ ever to play at the open-air ‘Grand Finale’ of Vienna’s LOVE PARADE, and then at ‘Love Nation’ ocial afterparty that followed the event at night. It is also considerable that after an earlier compilation album (HOT X vs CHRIS ESYCHO: HYPERSPACE) still in 2000 Hot X’ first mix album was finished, titled HYPERSPACE 2000, produced together with Igor Do’Urden released in Austria. After a few years’ experience it was also in 2000 when he considered the time was right to establish his own label. Deadcode Records, the first techno-label of Hungary was born. This is where HOT X’ EP ‘eleven –O –one’ was released in the beginning of the year 2004, containing remixes by such producers as THE ADVENT and WLA GARCIA. In 2005 his EP ‘HX’ was released, leading the techno sales chart of ,the international internet record store. At the same year his fourth mix CD, ‘ HYPERSPACE 08’ came out as well, as the attachment of Freee magazin, this was the first ocially releases Hungarian record that represented the modern techno sound. HOT X took the pioneer role in this as well as in many other things in the history of Hungarian techno. The secret to his wide success is the same both as a DJ and producer: dance-oriented electronic music, from techno through minimal, all the way to electro. In the years after the millennium the leading position of Hot X and Deadcode in the Hungarian electronic scene has become more and more undefeatable. As a proof to this, since 2003, besides their own events, Hot X and Deadcode are in charge of the electronic music program of the world-known Sziget Fesztivál, and from 2007 also of the BALATONSOUND Festival. HOT X’ mix albums related to HYPERSPACE were released in 2007 and 2008, and also in 2008 he made a remix of the track PROFIL 25 – THE FAN under his name TIBOR HORVATH , released on FOUNDATION RECORDS. From 2007 the COLLINS & BEHNAM duo are the co producers of HOT X’ releases..

Exclusive Territory : Italy