"KETTING” is a hardtechno artist from Rotterdam. He produces and engineers his own material. Everything is original, featuring his own dark, melodic compositions, complete with self-produced industrial synths, hard basses, and vocals. KETTING doesn't just create kicks; he makes them explode, delivering a sound so unique, it can only be his. This is hard techno, but not as you know it! Onstage as KETTING (LIVE), he breaks free from the conventional, engineering a live-set that vibrates with tension and energy. When performing, KETTING dissolves the boundary between artist and audience. He invites the crowd to play together with him, turning each raver into an integral component of his hardtechno LIVESET. His performances are unscripted and spontaneous; they are wild and resonate with the essence of the moment. Ostage, KETTING's humility and genuine kindness shine through, sharing special moments as he connects with those around him. His passion for music extends beyond his own creations; KETTING not only produces his own distinctive sounds but also delights in teaching, coaching, and co-creating with other musicians, further energizing the community with his inclusivity. IN KETTING’S OWN WORDS “LET’S PLAY TOGETHER”

Exclusive Territory : Italy