Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight (born Colleen Martin, Dec. 23, 1975) is an American electronic musician, DJ and performing artist. Her diverse work is characterized by a commitment to integrity and authenticity. Her body of work is widely recognized as a seemingly unlikely, major influence on pop musician and longstanding friend Lady Gaga. Rejecting all offers and opportunities to produce commercial work in favor of firmly following her artistic vision. The opportunity that securing the opening slot on Lady Gaga’s last three record breaking world tours had nothing to do with fame or money, it was a chance to expose a new, young demographic to the artists and genres that have served as her own inspiration. Artists and genres that were unlikely to cross the paths of mainstream pop fans in any other way. Lady Starlight’s opening sets on the ArtRave Tour of 2014 gave an audience who's primary frame of reference for electronic music was commercial EDM, a history lesson in real techno. Not just performing all live, all hardware techno but giving onstage shout-outs to all the pioneers of techno. Such stage banter at the tours stop in Birmingham England was the catalyst for a fateful meeting between her and her idol – techno legend Surgeon, setting the stage for her explosive entry onto the international techno scene. The two formed an instantaneous bond and close friendship, resulting in a collaboration that rocked the techno world. They performed a live improvised set together on the ArtRave’s second stop in Birmingham, and again to millions of people around the world for the tours final show, a live stream event in Paris. Now Surgeon + Starlight in less than a year together have already performed at major festivals including the T in the Park Festival in Scotland, headlining an event during Amsterdam Dance Event, and doing their live set at the Berlin Techno Mecca, Berghain. This dreams-come-true-chain of events is however not without precedence. Her previous performances on Lady Gaga’s tours resulted in establishing similar connections to the inspirations behind her work. In 2010, DJing all original vinyl heavy metal sets resulted in a tour DJ slot with idols Judas Priest on their 2011 epitaph tour, DJing for Iron Maiden at their private end of tour parties at the O2 Arena in London and the VIP area at their historic return at the Download Festival (formerly Monsters of Rock) in Donington Park, England. Lady Starlight was also on stage with the legends of thrash metal Anthrax, Slayer, Mega Death and Pantera. 2012 saw the debut of another creative passion in Lady Starlight’s life, when she was combining the love for the unsung heroes of art/prog rock, Van der Graaf Generator and the work of performance artists like Marina Abramovic, taking the incredible risk of presenting this performance art piece to the music of Van der Graaf Generator to unsuspecting stadiums full of pop fans around the globe – an unprecedented and unequaled feat in the history of performance art. At Twickenham Stadium in London she had the honor of performing in front of Van der Graaf Generator’s singer, founder and primary songwriter Peter Hammill. After the show Hammill blessed her with carrying the torch for the band. She has performed on major television networks in the US and Canada such as America’s leading morning news and lifestyle program Good Morning America, Quebec’s largest music network Musique Plus and presented Jamie XX with the 2014 Q Magazine Award for Best Video. Her progressive rock record collection was the subject of a feature in Prog Magazine. And, as muso and author herself, she wrote a feature for Classic Rock magazine on the late 70's phenomenon of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal as NWOBHM. Most recently her techno career has been chronicled by the dance music monolith DJ Times and the web based publication Electronic Beats. Lady Starlight is currently working in the studio with Surgeon. She is also producing her own raw, human sounding techno inspired by Mike Banks, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Steve Stoll, Regis and of course ... Surgeon.

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Exclusive Territory : Italy