Linn Elisabet

Linn Elisabet is a Berlin-based producer, DJ, singer, and live performer. Led by their own ethereal vocals, raw broken beats, and immersive sound design, their contemporary and transgressive interpretation of techno strives to reimagine possibility and desire. With a classically trained past in cello and church choirs, it is a given where their reverberant soundscape has its roots. Linn Elisabet has released acclaimed works on labels such as A R T S and Unitas Multiplex, as well as their own imprint Acts of Rebellion. The label expands on Elisabet’s mission: making traditional functionality and outdated policies bow for non-compliance. With a background in cultural activism and norm critical pedagogy, Linn has lectured and managed courses in music production and music business since 2017 for clients like SAE Stockholm, Ableton, Electronic Music School Berlin, Campus Nyköping, and Popkollo. In 2021/22 they did their MA at Catalyst Institute, researching music as gender-arming practice. All of their work aligns with their vision for music education: curating safer spaces where more people may explore and express diverse creativity and identity.

Exclusive Territory : Italy