Marika Rossa

The name of Marika Rossa, one of the most extraordinary representatives of Ukrainian dance scene, can be frequently seen on major European line-ups and at the top of Beatport charts. This talented girl is already one of the most recognizable eastern European techno DJs and part of a new breed of developing producers making a massive impact in her country's history. In recent times Marika has been prolific, releasing many dance floor singles and remixes on Italo Business, Crunch Control, Audio Elite, Naughty Pills, DSR Digital, Dolma Records, Pragmatik Recordings, Naked Lunch and Elektrax Recordings. In april 2015 she started her own label, named «Fresh Cut», having the first release charted on Beatport Hardtechno/Hardcore top 100 just in a week’s time! Along side a packed release schedule Marika continues to tour the world, transporting her uniquely energetic DJ sets to techno fans across the globe. Add to that a string of forthcoming releases as well as several collaborations and you've got an extremely exciting year for an artist. If you haven’t made space for Marika Rossa at your event then now is the time to let the magic happen With her own unique style, Marika Rossa is a Dj in high demand, who lays killer grooves across the world. She has already made a name for herself as a fine producer who really knows how to drop tools that get people dancing with her tracks constantly residing at Beatport charts. Alongside her tightly packed touring schedule, Marika manages her own music label and designs clothes for the eponymous club fashion brand “Fresh Cut“, which she established a year ago. Having finished the summer season with a brilliant show at Echelon Festival in Germany and an extremely crammed intercontinental Christmas tour, she is now packing her records to spin at Fabrik club in Madrid, and getting ready for another summer festival season at Summer Visions, Ikarus, Echelon and Eco Fesival.

Exclusive Territory : Italy