Micol Danieli

Micol Danieli, is a well known name in the european techno scene. Born in Rome she always had a great passion for the experimental and underground sounds of the 90's. Having the chance to travel a lot she gets to discover and inspire from artists such Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke e James Ruskin. In 2014, she opens 030 recordings (www.030recordings.com), attracting since her first release many big artists of the techno world, who play and support the label release constantly. On 030 we can find release of Sleeparchive, VSK, Lakker, Mike Parker, Giorgio Gigli, Black Astreroid and more. Since 2015 she is also producing her own label nights which have seen her hosting nights at Kantine am Berghain, Vitamin Cubes, Tamberly Sound club and others. In 2015 she opens a second label, Chinese Laundry, where together with Solid State she produces and releases on wax under the name I.vy different visions of acid sounds. Her sounds are unique and they don't follow fashion but her personal taste which differs her from many artist around the globe has brought her to share the dj booth with artists such Adam Beyer, Chris Liebing, Alan Fitzpatrick, Perc, Rebekah, Nastia, Jonas kopp, Surgeon,Truss, Psyk, Chevel, e Dj Pete; she has played in the best clubs and Festivals around Europe. With an eye to the future and a ear to the past her sets are an explosion of music and energy with the concept of techno taken with extreme care.

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