Time Traveler

In Time Traveler is the glitched light behind the timestretch shadow, the journey in the deepest frquencies. Michele Pinna is the name behind this rough and crude figure, expressed through a language that finds its highest expression in the industrial distorted apocalyptic techno.Browsing the Chronicles diary’s pages we could find the sound of the rusty machines and the uncoded datas comes from future calculators. The image evoked comes from an apochalyptic black future, who featuring art collaboration with famous designers and Artists, from fashion to photography as the likes of Cinzia Araia, Danila Tkachenko, and the techno gotha as Lucy from Stroboscopic Artefacts, Brian Sanhaji, Bas Mooy from Mord records, Detroit Techno Militia, Black Asteroid and more. The Artist debut in festival's stages as Amore Festival and in big room clubs headlining with names as Andrew Fletcher from Depeche Mode, performing in Live and Dj set.

Exclusive Territory : World