ANKKH is an Italian duo, DJ-Producers and Live performers made up by Kristofer and Ektor based in Milan, Italy. They studied performance and visual art at Academy of Fine Arts, in Bologna Italy. In 2017 they moved to London approaching underground, rave, and club culture, starting to play and study production. Then they came back to Milan, where they started their carrier as a DJ becoming a resident artists at COCORICO, Italy and playing in important events and clubs such as Audiodrome, Turin - He She They - Tempio del futuro perduto, Milan - Resurrection, Paris - Galactica Festival - Milan Fashion week and many others. Art & performance festival : Kaos - London, GRRRanit - France - Zurich Moves, Zurich - Santarcangelo Festival - Italy, e many others. Their Music is influenced by highlights of HardTechno, Cyberpunk, Hyper Pop, resulting in an underground contemporary dimension. ANKKH performance use bodies in an hybrid way, including Fashion, make-up and experimentation. They embrace Queer & LGBTQ+ culture raising awareness of the importance of freedom of every human being through their vision, having played for many Prides in Europe and Italy. Ankkh Live is an experience that combines performance and visual art with electronic sound, immersing perceptions in a futuristic expression.

Exclusive Territory : Italy