With a transgressive style and a unique sound, Flymeon is an artist through and through. His signature sound and style that blends hard-hitting beats, screaming guitars and staggering synths, merging elements from Techno and Heavy Metal, Flymeon is ready to show the world what he has in store with a sound that’s one-of-a-kind. Now, with the release of his impressive EP ‘Paris Under Control’, Flymeon introduces his second personality; a masked persona that mirrors his now unrestrainable inner-self. Ironically, the artist uses the mask where he feels most like himself; on stage. Making a nod to the fact that socially, everyone wears their own mask, Flymeon aims to highlight the fact that this ‘masks’ exert a social pressure to behave in a certain way, pushing everyone far away from their true selves. With a powerful outlet and platform, Flymeon’s art exudes through his mask, and is evident through every release of his aggressive Rave music, and every neurotic and highly-energetic live performance, unveiling a never-before-seen true Techno Rockstar. Having performed at iconic venues and festivals in cities and countries ranging from Berlin, Madrid, France, all the way to Lithuania, just to name a few; Flymeon is set to conquer new stages all over the world with his remarkable and trailblazing sound.

Exclusive Territory : Italy