Ghost In The Machine

Ghost in the Machine is mean, tightly coiled, unyielding techno, laced with unnerving ambiance and a constant brooding tension. Lifelong friends Frank Nitzinsky and Nils van Lingen turned their sights onto techno in 2016 with a series of releases on their newly minted industrial techno vinyl imprint Genosha Basic. Their fresh take on techno and razor sharp production swiftly garnered them support and recognition from some of the biggest names in the harder recesses of techno. Their tracks remain in constant rotation, from dark basements to the biggest festival stages. A string of EPs on Genosha Basic and Perc Trax as well as epic, festival-wrecking remixes for the likes of Paula Temple, Perc and Truss saw them quickly rise to the forefront of industrial techno. After becoming a staple on the label, Perc Trax released Ghost in the Machine’s debut album ‘Breaking the Seal’, which lifted them to a new level of respect and recognition.

Exclusive Territory : Italy