Marco Effe

Born and raised in Italy, Marco began composing his own music in 2007. Since then, the activity has been further intensified and Marco gets the opportunity to acquire high-level record labels. His talent grow up more and more and soon after he publishes "Malaysia / Muar EP" (one of the most played EP by Richie Hawtin in 2010) released on Break New Soil, the Gregor Tresher's famous label, with whom he begins a work collaboration that brings him to join the German Booking Agency "Family Affairs" and to work with the main artists of the World Scene. In the spring of 2010 the track “Janet” on the album "Cécille Italy”, expresses its unmistakable style surrounded by sophisticated sonorities that are also recognizable in its "From Kalida To Hyden EP" published on the world's most famous record label "Sci + Tec" belonging to Dubfire, who defines Marco as "his favorite producer of 2010". Marco moved to Berlin in November 2011, where he had a major impact on his sound that we can clearly hear in his later productions. September 29, 2012, is not just a date for him, but it means the debut at Time Warp Italy, one of the most important events in the world Techno scene. Shortly he released on the famous German label Cocoon Recordings with the track "Jellied Eels" included in the album "Dots & Pearls 2", consolidating another important step in his career. It is easy to understand why this track has been included many times in the DJ set of artists such as Sven Vath, Luciano, Adam Beyer and many more. The unstoppable artistic growth brings Marco to worldwide affirmation and his recordings are now a guarantee: "Unmanned Mission EP" with Dustin Zahn's Remix and Dj Hyperactive and many other releases are proof of it. Resident of the famous Watergate club in Berlin since 2014 with his exclusive IMPRESS project, where art and music combine to give birth to a new concept of event that fully reviews the modern vision of clubbing's identity, Marco expands his musical vision also to Artistic-cultural level. Countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Chile, Australia, Mexico, Korea, China and many others have hosted his dj sets. Thanks to his accurate technique and his unique performance, he always succeeds in conquering the audience of the best clubs!

Exclusive Territory : World