Parrish Smith

No elitism, no prejudices, no genre, hypnotic, tense, comprehensible, a state of mind. Whilst captivating audiences with music that is both intense and hypnotic, Parrish Smith embarks on a rather successful journey of creating spaces where walls are torn down and prejudices are non-existent. During this unique venture into the broad spectrum of electronica, Smith is able to display his take on various layers of electronic music with extreme perceptive subtlety. These uniques spaces created by Parrish Smith are characterized by his determination to design music that escapes the hold and biases found in contemporary techno. His music enables you to think dierently whilst letting go of any narrow-minded and limited perspectives. Emotion and intensity are the true predominant factors in Parrish Smith’s music. These two catalysts come to fruition in, not only contemporary techno but even enable Parrish to maneuver himself amongst dierent styles of music. From film scoring to soundtracks, Parrish Smith recognizes that his strength comes from combining emotion and intensity, thus resulting in projects that are inspirational in their truest form. Both the projects Parrish Smith and the collaboration with Mark van de Maat as the elusive and non-compromising Volition Immanent succeed in reaching the ultimate goal: unifying people by creating spaces where they can be engulfed in music that is free of any bias or prejudice. Elitism is for the weak. It is paramount that you always stay true to yourself and your music. Following these major mantras, Parrish Smith represents a beautiful and true example of the punk mentality.

Exclusive Territory : Italy