Vera Grace

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Vera Grace is a DJ & producer currently based in Amsterdam. Her unique, raw sound is defined by industrial textures and dark atmospheres with an intense vibe. Relentlessly energetic on stage, Vera draws you into a restless journey, inspired by melancholy, darkness, yet hope at the very same time. Much like herself, she keeps the dancefloor moving non-stop while building towards eclectic and powerful climaxes. With her first EP “Eternal Perdition” released on the label Sacred Court and other releases on labels such as Elements, her passion and inquisitiveness for music have already taken her a long way. She is currently studying electronic music at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. On the weekends, her music shatters the walls of clubs all over Europe as well as in her home country at places such as Intercell and BASIS.

Exclusive Territory : Italy