Volunt Barbati

From the streets of Antwerp in Belgium, emerges an electrifying force in the hardtechno world — a master of rhythms and kicks who goes by no other introduction but his signature long beard. His long beard is not just a style statement. It's a symbol — of his journey, his passion, and the raw, relentless energy he brings to every set. His music is a fusion of hard techno, with undertones of hardcore and hardstyle. A symphony that starts at a heart-racing 160 bpm, his sets are not for the faint of heart. They're a call to the wild side, an invitation to let go and become one with the beat. The journey to the decks wasn't a straightforward one. He initially illuminated the dance floors as a light jockey. This experience, working intimately with the dynamics of light and color, provided him a unique understanding of crowd psychology, an insight he masterfully translates to his sets today. Each track he spins, each transition he crafts, resonates with the dynamism of a light show — energetic, explosive, and ethereal. In 2018, the same year Hard Harder Hardst was born, he became a DJ himself. Closing most of the editions and now also running a new event series called "VOLUNT BARBATI INVITES". Today, he stands at the cusp of a new milestone. Currently immersed in the studio, he's crafting his first EP.

Exclusive Territory : Italy