Giuseppe De Chiara started his WarinD project in September 2015, influenced by Hardgroove, Hardtechno and acid sounds. In the same time, he created his own record label "WarinDRecords" to release his first productions. WarinD Records has welcomed in his roster artists as: Nico Moreno, Trym, Oguz, Dyen, Cassie Raptor, Thomas P.Heckmann, Charlie Sparks, Lee Ann Roberts and more... He released music for label as: Exhale and R-Label. WarinD played in some of the best clubs and festival around Europe as: Verknipt, Blackworks, Cocoricò, Techglow, Basis, Tresor, Kompass Klub, Duel, and around the world in cities as: New York, Los Angeles, Medellin, Bogota, Manizales, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Delhi, Bangalore and more... He is very appreciated for the skills and energy he employs in his DJ sets, because he needs to express his inner war though music.

Exclusive Territory : Italy